Moss is perceived as a troublesome weed by many people, but others like its soft, green appearance on their property. If you like greenery and are looking for plants to grow between paving stones, then moss is a good option.

It is common to use turf or grass in landscaping. But grass doesn’t grow well in all properties which is why the turf vs grass argument persists. For the areas where grass cannot grow, moss is a great option. Read on for more information about how to grow moss between pavers.

Grass or Moss Pavers

Where To Find Moss

If you want to grow moss between pavers you first need to find moss fragments to plant. Most nurseries and shops don’t sell it so you will need to search for moss in lawns and gardens or pick up fragments in wooded areas. You can also find moss fragments on the ground beneath trees or on pieces of rotting wood in the ground.

Use a square shovel or trowel to remove the moss from the ground or wherever it is growing. Collect as much moss as you will need for your pavers. When collecting moss try to collect some material on which it is growing as the moss may need the food from the soil or rotted wood to survive. If you won’t plant the moss immediately you should store it in a cool dark place and spray it with water to keep it moist.

How To Grow Moss In Between Pavers

Once you have your moss fragments you can transplant them as they are or liquify the moss before planting it. When transplanting moss, you first have to prepare the site by pulling out all the weeds between the pavers and filling the places to be planted with soil.

Wet the soil as well as the bottom of the moss to be transplanted then pack the moss in between the pavers. Stamp down the moss with your hands or feet to take out air pockets and fully pack it in between the moss. You will not hurt the moss when you stamp it down; removing the air pockets is necessary for successful transplanting.

Once the moss is transplanted, water it very well to keep it moist. You will also need to water it daily for at least three weeks until it takes root. To maintain the green color of moss you will have to continue watering it daily, forever.

If you want to propagate moss you will need to liquify it. Mix 1 cup (0.24 liters) of moss fragments with 1 cup (0.24 liters) of water in a blender for 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can use buttermilk, eggs or beer in place of the water. Pour the slurry mixture in between the pavers where you want it to grow. You can also add moss fragments on top of soil to encourage growth. Keep watering the area daily and within 5 weeks you will see moss growing.

Using Moss, Grass or Artificial Turf Between Pavers, Stepping Stones or Pathways

Artificial Grass Around Pavers

Is it better to grow grass or moss? If your location is shady and moist then growing moss between pavers is easier. This is because moss thrives in dark moist places. However, if your location is sunny and dry then grass may be easier to grow between the pavers.

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