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Interlocking Concrete Pavement InstituteWestern Pavers, Inc. is a proud member of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute known is ICPI. ICPI is a well recognized and highly regarded program for paver professionals who are committed to the proper installation of residential and commercial paver projects.

As a certified ICPI Level 1 Installer, Western Pavers, Inc. has met and exceed the national guidelines for the installation of interlocking concrete pavers, Western Pavers has received professional recognition of expertise in the paver trade and is committed to taking the extra steps to demonstrate and follow best practices for the successful installation of interlocking concrete pavers.

ICPI paver installers have the most up to do date technical installation guidelines. We understand the importance of how to install pavers to meet or exceed ICPI standards. We are trained to recognize the different types of soils conditions, the correct installation requirements for different vehicular traffic, site conditions, and drainage conditions to use the proper materials, and paver installation techniques. This provides our customers with a piece of mind that their new beautiful paver driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck will last for many years and know that they will be in good hands with a Western Pavers installation.

Western Pavers, Inc has the experience in concrete paver designs and installations. We specialize on some of the hottest topics in outdoor living space. Specifically, design elements such as multi-level patios, outdoor living spaces, fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pool decks and blending the different paver types, styles, and colors, for a beautiful custom paver driveway, paver patio, and paver pool deck design. Western Pavers has taken decorative concrete Pavers to a whole new level of Designing pavers. Our commitment to meet or exceed ICPI standards in all of our paver installation has earned us this award.




Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Level 2 CertificationThe Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (“ICPI2) Level 2 Certification is awarded to Western Pavers, Inc. for successfully completing the applicable courses and examination offered by ICPI. An ICPI Advance Residential Paver Design Level 2 installer has had training in the advance level of interlocking concrete pavement installation in residential, commercial, industrial, municipal settings.

Western Pavers, Inc. is one of the few select concrete paver contractors in the nation who has the skill and requisites to hold an advanced ICPI certification. Western Pavers, Inc. strives to obtain, train and produce the highest level of quality as an elite paver contractor in Southern California. Our commitment to excellence has earned us this award.




PICP certificationWestern Pavers, Inc. is also certified in the installation of permeable pavers known as PICP certification. We feel it is important to have the skills necessary to properly install permeable pavers because the market is highly interested and environmentally conscious. Western Pavers understand the importance and is in tune with the need for a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Homeowners are faced with an ever-growing need to abide by association guidelines requiring the installation of sustainable drainage systems on their driveways that will prevent oil run-ons into city storm drains. With permeable pavers, homeowners can install a system that is both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Western Pavers, Inc has been recognized by ICPI and has pass all the requirements to be an official PICP (permeable interlocking concrete pavement) certified installer.




ICPI MemberThe Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute acknowledges Western Pavers, Inc. Has been entered onto the membership rolls as a Contractor Informational Member with all rights, privileges and responsibilities as determined by the ICPI Constitution, By-laws, and Policies of the Institute.




NCMA MemberThe National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) certification is awarded to Western Pavers, Inc. because we are a specialist in segmented retaining wall installation (CSRWI) and have successfully completed the requirements set by the association.

SRW – segmented retaining walls are gravity retaining walls that rely primarily on their mass (weight) for stability. This system consists of concrete masonry units which are placed without the use of mortar (dry stack), and which rely on a combination of mechanical interlocking and mass to prevent overturning and sliding. The unit may also be used in combination with horizontal layers of soils reinforcement which extend into the backfill to increase the effective width and weight of the gravity mass.

Western Pavers, Inc. has the required knowledge and experience to design and build these segmented retaining walls.




Belgard Master Craftsman CertifiedBelgard Hardscapes has honored Western Pavers, Inc. as a “Belgard Master Craftsman”, Belgard’s highest level of recognition. Master Craftsman status is the highest Belgard Authorized Contractor accolade in the nation. Western Pavers, Inc. has earned this status from Belgard for meeting and exceeding all of Belgard’s requirements. Specifically, the following requirements:


  • Must meet all Belgard Authorized Contractor requirements
  • Recognized as a winner of at least 1 national award OR 2 local awards for projects in the past 24 months
  • Must have an employee complete the ICPI Residential Paver Technician Course
  • Must have 5 years install experience
  • Must be authorized in 2 of the following areas:

– Pavers
– Retaining Walls
– Belgard Elements
– Belgard Certified Applicator

  • Must meet 2 of the following installation requirements as it relates to your areas of authorization within a 12-month period prior to applying for Master Craftsman status:

– 20,000 SF of Belgard Pavers
– 3,000 SF of Belgard Wall Product
– 7 projects containing at least one Belgard Element
– Clean and seal 25 paver projects

  • 5 year workmanship guarantee/li>
  • Must attend 3 educational events provided by or approved by Belgard/li>
  • Must hold Belgard Authorize Contractor status for 3 years prior in at least 1 area./li>
  • 100% service satisfaction commitment

There are very few paver contractors in California at this level of excellence. Western Pavers, Inc. is ranked by Belgard Hardscape as one of the highest and most certified paver specialist in Southern California.




Belgard Authorized Paver Design CenterWestern Pavers, Inc.’s Design Center has been designated as a Belgard Authorized Southern California Design Center because we have the knowledge and design experience to build a beautiful showroom displaying and array of paver design selections for all Belgard Hardscape products.

We are Belgard’s only authorized Southern California Design Center. Come to our Belgard Design Center to see how we have designed and built custom Belgard pavers and custom Belgard walls. We have taken the Belgard product line to a whole new paver design level. Here, at the Belgard Design Center you can select all your Belgard pavers, style, color and walls, LIVE! Leave the guessing out of your next paver project!




Techniseal ApplicatorWestern Pavers, Inc. has had the proper training and experience in the installation of polymeric sand, paver cleaning and paver sealer. We are the proud recipients of the Certified Applicator Program (CAP) certification. The CAP certification is awarded to Western Pavers, who has had the proper training and experience using the correct techniques installing polymeric sand, paver cleaner and sealant. We understand the importance of utilizing the appropriate sand for each specific paver type. The correct type of sand, cleaning and sealing for your pavers can be very technical task, and is an important process of obtaining and maintain a beautiful paver installation.

Being a certified paver technician, we understand the different types of sand joint stabilization and sealant that your paver project requires and is recommended by the manufacturer. Western Pavers, Inc. has the proper training, experience and will only use the right products to meet or exceed any paver installation standards. For example, different types of pavers or different areas such as on a slope, steep driveway or pool decks require different applications in contrast to standard paver sand and seal applications. Western Pavers is a Certified Polymeric Sand and paver sealant installer.



Kichler Diamond Elite Member

Kichler Diamond Elite MemberThe 2013 Kichler Light Pro certification is awarded to Western Pavers, Inc. for holding a Diamond Elite Membership. A Diamond Elite Membership can only be obtained through high levels of experience with Kichler Lighting. Western Pavers, Inc. has designed and installed thousands of LED landscape lights throughout Sothern California. Western Pavers, Inc. is a certified Kichler LED landscape light installer for our dedication to quality landscape lighting design and installation.




NHA AwardWestern Pavers, Inc. was awarded the Honorable Mention award for being one of the top finalist from thousands of submittals to the National Hardscape Association. Western Pavers, Inc. received the highest recognition for the installation of the Temecula Civic Center. Western Pavers, Inc. flawlessly executed and beautified the Temecula Civic Center. This was no easy task, we installed over 10,000 SF of decorative concrete pavers. The intricate design required precision cuts and the highest standards of installation. Western Pavers, Inc. executed this custom paver project flawlessly.

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